Meet - Jennifer & Jeffrey Magnuson

We are Jen and Jeff Magnuson, we are a couple of adventurous artists who left a comfortable life in Washington, DC to live in a tent while thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail.  After life in the woods, we couldn't stomach the idea of returning to the pace of the city, so we left with just what fit into our vehicles and drove west to build a life in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

The adventure continues as we spend our time running a commercial photography business, Jen Magnuson Photography, exploring remote spots in our Jeep, and letting our energetic 13 year-old labrador, Sam drag us up and down mountains.  Our wilderness exploits provide us with the opportunity to create some incredible images of nature and wildlife, which we offer for sale here.

Check back often for new and limited edition offerings from our exploration of the American West through Nikon lenses.

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